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Want .

New Dior sneakers. Very expensive = i won’t be wearing them. But they look pretty cool.



So Context Clothing is this great menswear store in Madison, WI. Look, you have a new reason to visit Madison, WI. I check their site occasionally and have acquired some wishes.

I would like a pair of Momotaro Vintage Label 0701 Tight Straight jeans,

but they’re $285. So I’ll just have to keep wishing.

I’d also like to pick up this new issue of Free & Easy that they’re selling,

w/ Eric Clapton,

but it’s $31, kinda expensive but still a great magazine.

go there: Context

Garance like Scott .

Or maybe even better depending on how you see it.

Her photos seem like a dream. A certain softness surrounds everything.

These are quite different from her female portraits which are really about beauty and color.

Haziness and roughness, texture and a certain spirit fill Garance’s photographs.


Want .

J.Crew’s new madras shirt:

I imagine many people making fun of me for wearing a shirt like this, but it’s beautiful I think. I love the giant blown up pattern.

[From] The Closet .

…that’s what they should have called it.

When was in existence, Tyler Thoreson and Josh Peskowitz started a great video program entitled In The Closet. Just two guys talking about cool stuff. Here’s the first in that series:

Scott Pops .

Appearing just now on the Sartorialist:

Wow, look at that color, both from what Anna Dello Russo is wearing but just photographically, very unlike Scott.

Garance .

Garace Doré is French [Parisian].

Garance Doré is a photographer.

Garance Doré is Scott Schuman’s Girlfriend.

Garance Doré is gorgeous.

While in Paris this past fall studying, I dropped by Colette for a double t-shirt/book signing and well, let’s just say Scott Schuman is a fortunate man. Garance collaborated with The Gap to have an illustration of hers on a basic Gap t-shirt. Mr. Schuman was also there signing his recently published book, The Sartorialist. It was an experience to remember. Both of them signed my book and I got to shake Scott’s hand.

Everything was perfect – Paris, Fall, Scott and Garance, Colette, millefeuille afterwards.