Figure Skating Fail


The Man: Glenn O’Brien

Glenn O’Brien is a contributor for GQ, a magazine that I think has gone somewhat down the drain but has retained some highlights, like O’Brien. He’s funny, witty, and somehow makes things that don’t match look amazing. His “The Style Guy” feature is one of the only reasons to pick up GQ these days.

so go pick up GQ

Free & Easy

I’ve acquired an unhealthy obsession for magazines recently; expensive magazines. These magazines just seem to do something for me, combining so many things  I love. A magazine that I’ve tried to get my hands on for a while and recently got is a Japanese Menswear magazine called Free & Easy.

I first heard about it on a video series that I love on, and the guys were going over some stuff and Josh Peskowitz mentioned Free & Easy. So I checked it out and thought it looked really cool. I found a cheap issue on ebay and although I have no idea what it says it’s absolutely amazing. I love the heritage clothing focus and the badass attitude of the whole thing. Also, the pure Americananess of it all is really intriguing. There’s a Ford Explorer ad that makes even a die-hard Japanese/German car lover like me want to buy one.

If you can get your hands on an issue, you probably won’t regret it. If you live in New York, then you’ll have no problem finding one physically, for the rest of us, especially here in Chicago for some reason, we must order ours.


Unhappy Hipsters

I think I was looking up this journalist who writes columns for Monocle Daily…yeah that was it. He’s based out of Tokyo. Anyway I was on his twitter and he said something about Unhappy Hipsters. So I went and was pleased.

[Both considered this “quality time.”]

This person takes photos from Dwell Magazine and then adds captions, which can be quite amusing.

[Secretly, she enjoyed the grids imprinted on herskin. In the new DSM, the American Psychiatric Association gave her disorder a name: “Bertoia butt.”]

.      See I just pointed that out to you.

. Monocle Issue 30 Volume 03

The 3rd anniversary issue of Monocle Magazine has been quite difficult for me to find. I swear I’ve gone to my local book stores for a month to see if they would get it in. And finally today one of them did.

It’s so odd because I go into a store that consistently has MONOCLE but then they don’t have the newest issue. They keep three old issues there, and unless someone buys them, they don’t bother to replace it. The other book store I go to hardly ever has MONOCLE, but every once in a while they’ll appear and then suddenly vanish. That’s why I try to stay consistent in my search.

The sales people are pretty funny as well. They don’t seem to be the types who would ever care to read MONOCLE. I was at an airport magazine store and the woman was really curious as to why MONOCLE is so popular. She said people really like it. I just told her it has a lot of information about a lot of different things. That is why I love MONOCLE. Great reportage, great photography, little snidbits about things going on in the world that you didn’t know about. Very much like The Economist but not so uptight and serious, more about lifestyle topics, but with some political and global dynamics. Today the sales woman couldn’t figure out how much to charge me. She was confused at all of the international currencies on the front cover.


The Man: Scott Schuman

aka The Sartorialist,

Schuman is one of my favorite photographers. I’ve been following his work for about three and 1/2 years now. Yeah, he shoots street fashion, but as a photographer I really respect his photographic vision. It’s been amazing to see how he’s grown as a photographer over the years. And although I do feel he can be inconsistent at times, he still manages to blow me away.

p.s. His book The Sartorialist is available from Penguin.


via Vancouver, Inventory is a new magazine .

In their own words

INVENTORY is a place to take stock of the items, brands and people that we connect with and find special. With a genuine appreciation for details and quality, INVENTORY is a curation of ideas in product, craft and culture.

I like that. It’s not cheap, but only comes out bi-annually so it’s no big deal. I love the photography most of all, but the words really paint a complete picture. Just really well done.

p.s. J.Crew is selling issue 2 on their website.